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The Ten Best Alcoholic Cocktails Named After Video Game Characters

Playing video games has been the best pastime for all gamers in different parts of the world. Not just for kids, but even adults get hooked on spending a luxurious time playing with friends and colleagues. Because of that, people’s creativity and brilliant minds have become the key to combining video games with cocktails to create new things that aim to give fun and exciting experiences. With that, let’s explore the products of this creativity in the creation of video-game themed alcoholic cocktails that you can prepare any time you want. Hence, check these top ten of the best alcoholic cocktails named after video game characters below. 

Rainbow Road – Super Mario Kart

Mario is one of the most famous video game characters across the globe. In fact, many people of all ages have been enjoying playing Mario games for many years. The original game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a famous Japanese video game design who provided people with an unforgettable gaming experience of fluid jumping controls and fun gameplay. Hence, with the fun it gives to everyone, a brilliant mind had created an alcoholic cocktail inspired by Mario.

It’s the Super Mario Kart, an excellent and colorful easy-to-spill cocktail drink. With its powerful and exciting taste, you’ll surely want to have another round of toast. Besides that, it’s easy to prepare with a few ingredients, and you can then pour it into your glass in a few minutes. You’ll be needing 2oz blue curacaos, 4 oz. of orange juice, 3 oz. of vodka, a half oz. of gin, one-third oz. of grenadine, and another one-third oz. of rum. 

Once you’ve successfully prepared everything you need, you’re now ready to mix them. Go ahead, pour the gin and orange juice into your glass, and mix the grenadine and rum using a different container. After that, slightly pour the rum mixture into the gin to reach the bottom of the glass. You should see red at the bottom, orange in the middle, and blue at the top, making it look so exciting. After that, you have to mix the blue curacao and vodka and directly put it on top of the orange juice. Then, there you go! You can now drink this particular cocktail inspired by Mario. 

Golden Chocobo – Final Fantasy 

Another popular video game from a brilliant mind in Japan is Final Fantasy. Hironobu Sakaguchi brought this game to the world that sustains the thrill and excitement every time you play during your free time. You’ll surely enjoy every minute without a single moment of boredom. Because of that, a new cocktail drink has been created with the inspiration of Final Fantasy. 

You only have to prepare a can of ginger ale, a half shot of Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps liqueur, and another half shot of American honey wild turkey. Once every ingredient is ready, you simply mix the Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur and the American honey. Then, carefully pour it into a clear glass and add the ginger ale. Please give it a good shake, and there you have it! Your cocktail inspired by Final Fantasy is now ready for a toast. 

The Shirley Templar – Assassin’s Creed

If you’re fond of adventure, exploration, and stabbing as the highest level of excitement in playing video games, this Assassin’s Creed deserves a spot in your list of favorites. The game was successfully released and became available for computers in 2008 and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2007. Since then, many people of all ages have become interested in playing this video game. That’s the reason a particular cocktail drink was created and inspired by Assassin’s Creed.

It’s The Shirley Templar cocktail that provides fun to many people who love to get a toast with the company of their close friends and colleagues. You only have to prepare the 1.5 oz. of grenadine, ginger ale, 1.5 oz. of gin, sprite, and one maraschino cherry. After getting everything ready, you’re now good to go to mix your cocktail. Pour half of the ginger ale and another half of sprite into a glass with a few cubes of ice. 

Just make sure to leave enough space at the top of the glass for a bit of presentation. Then, mix one shot of gin and another one for grenadine on the same glass. Finally, give it a good shake and put the maraschino cherry on top of your glass. That’s it! It’ll only take a few minutes, and your cocktail inspired by Assassin’s Creed is ready to serve. 

Dirt Block – Minecraft

If you’ve been playing video games for years, you’ve surely encountered and played Minecraft. It’s another game full of adventure and thrill that will make you forget the time running fast when you take a seat and start playing. It makes every player explore the world of Minecraft while building structures and items. Because of that, a person with a creative mind created an exciting cocktail inspired by Minecraft. It’s the Dirt Block Minecraft cocktail. 

It’ll take a few minutes to get it done with only a few ingredients to prepare. You’ll need 1.5 oz. of amaretto, 3 oz. of chocolate milk, 1.5 oz. of French vanilla Kahlua, and some Oreo cookie crumbs. When you have all of these things ready on the table, you’re good to go. The first thing to do is fill half of your glass with ice cubes and pour all liquids into it. 

Then, please give it a good shake for a couple of seconds. Once done, you can add some chocolate milk to it if that fits your taste, but it’s optional. Now, the last part is to sprinkle a few crumbs of Oreo cookie on top of your glass. That’s how easy and quick it is to make a perfect cocktail inspired by the popular Minecraft video game. 

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one of the most popular video games for all avid gamers across the globe. The intensity of the battle will keep you going to enjoy the fun and challenges. You can choose the characters you like and let the game on! On top of that, you can also invite your close friends over to play with you. You can do it both online and offline, so even without the internet, the fun of playing the Street Fighter video game continues. Hence, another brilliant mind has invented the perfect cocktail from the inspiration of this video game’s adventure. 

You only need to have 1 oz. of southern comfort, 0.25 oz. of grenadine, and another 0.25 oz. of Kahlua. After preparing these three ingredients, go ahead and mix them together! Get your favorite glass and pour the Kahlua and grenadine, and then shake it well. Once done, let the southern comfort flow on top of your glass. Shake it again, and enjoy your toast! That’s the power of the cocktail inspired by Street Fighter that you can try to have more fun around the laughter and happiness with good friends.  

The Joining – Dragon Age: Origins

The Dragon Age: Origins is another interesting role-playing game that’s also the most gamers’ favorite. BioWare developed this innovative gaming platform that aims to provide fun for people who want to maximize their time to enjoy. Hence, the excitement of this game brings to the creation of the new cocktail called The Joining – Dragon Age: Origins. 

To make this particular drink, you need to have a splash of 151 rum, 1.5cl of dark rum, and another 1.5cl of Hpnotiq. Once everything is ready, the next step is to layer these ingredients in your glass. You have to put the Hpnotiq first, followed by the dark rum, and lastly, pour rum into your glass. You can now add a few ice cubes to freshen up! 

Call of Duty

You may have heard of the video game called Call of Duty. It’s one of the popular gaming platforms that young kids and even adults get interested in playing today. Activision published the franchise of this game in 2003, and after a few years, different series have been made available for all gamers worldwide. Hence, this adventurous video game has inspired everyone to create an alcoholic cocktail that everyone’s favorite. 

Moreover, the preparation of this particular cocktail is easy to make. As long as you have baileys, limoncello, jagermeister, energy drink, Crème de Menth, and black vodka, you’re ready to start your mix. Just grab your favorite drink mixer or a glass, if not available. Then, put the same amount of these ingredients in your mixer, and shake it very well. After that, you can now enjoy this cocktail inspired by Call of Duty. 

Resident Evil

Another Japanese masterpiece is Resident Evil. You may have also heard about this popular video game that catches the attention of most avid gamers. However, besides being a video game, it also expanded to different platforms, like books and films. As a result, this has led to the creation of another cocktail with different strengths and savor. 

You only have to prepare the ingredients, including lime juice, 200 ml of sprite, 10 ml of Gordon’s, 10 ml of Bombay Sapphire, 5 ml of Midori, 15 ml of grenadine, 5 ml of blue curacao, 25 ml of sloe gin, and lastly, have some coolness some ice cubes. With this list of ingredients, you would expect to have a Resident Evil cocktail. 

To start, grab a highball glass and put the ice cubes and grenadine into it. Next is to add the sloe gin and give it a good stir. After that, slowly pour the sprite into your mix. Then, using a shot glass to measure, add the Bombay sapphire, blue curacao, and the rest of the ingredients. Shake the highball glass very well, and there you go! You can now drink your cocktail inspired by Resident Evil. 

Pac Man

Pac Man has been one of the most popular classic video games that have significantly left a mark in history. It’s also a Japanese game that has been brought to all gamers across the globe for many years. Hence, the classic adventure of this game has led to the creation of the Pac Man cocktail. You only have to grab four basil leaves, 1.5 oz. of orange, 1.5 oz. of pineapple juice, 1 oz. of vodka, and parmesan cheese. 

Once these ingredients are on your table, you can go ahead and start your mix. First, grate your cheese and put it on top of the ice cubes in your glass. Then, add the basil leaves to the vodka, pour it into your mix, add the juice, and then shake. After that, using a toothpick, skewer the basil leaf, small-sized tomato, and black olive. Then, put it on top of your favorite cocktail glass. That’s it! Just give it a good shake, and it’s ready to drink. 

Pokemon Cocktail (Dratini)

The Pocket Monsters or Pokemon is a popular game that originated in Japan. It’s also another masterpiece of people in the country that many avid gamers in different parts of the world have enjoyed and loved. Hence, this brings inspiration to create a particular alcoholic drink called Pokemon cocktail. 

To start, just make sure you have 1 oz blue curacao, 1.5 oz. of gin, and 1.5 oz. of Hypnotic. After preparing these ingredients, you can now start doing it. You simply have to add everything on a drink mixer or a glass with ice cubes. Then, stir and shake it very well. Once done, strain it into your favorite cocktail glass, and complete it with a little bit of whipped cream. That’s it! That’s how quick and easy it is to prepare the Pokémon cocktail. 


The influence of video games has a significant impact on many gamers around the world. It has been translated in many ways, from the line of clothing, artwork, poetry, and even to creating different exciting cocktails. It’s evident proof that people are creative by nature. Hence, if you’re also into adventures and fond of exploration, you can try the exciting cocktails discussed above. Then, serve them with your circle of friends who also have the same passion and interests to enjoy the toast.

Go check out the creators of these drinks and patronize their blogs and Tumblrs!

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