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Fri-Mon 4pm-12am
1460 W 3rd St, Davenport, IA 52802

Game Player Signup

Play DND or Other Games Here!

Are you looking for a DND group? Do you want to play Munchkin? We have a place for you!

DND Signups

Other Games Signups

What happens if I sign up?

These forms allow us to gather interest in our game nights! Mostly we like to know what days people are available, so that our game hosts can invite you to games they are running.

We have game hosts every day, and they specialize in different types of games. Join them in playing Dungeons and Dragons, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Villainous, or one of so many other games.

We cater to new players! We love teaching people how to play games, and having a drink while learning a fun new tabletop game is a recipe for an awesome night.

You can also just walk into the bar in the afternoons after 5pm and learn to play whatever we’re playing at the time. We have frequent events and activities!

New Players

If you have not played before don’t worry! Teaching people how to play games like Dungeons and Dragons is one of our favorite things. We have special times set aside frequently to teach new players.

In-Person Games Only

Note that we are a Nerd Bar located in Davenport, Iowa! We do not host any virtual or online games. We hope you can join us in person at the nerdiest bar there is – Fandoms Nerd Bar!

Our Hours
FRI & SAT 6:00 PM To 12:00 PM


1460 W 3rd St, Davenport, Iowa 52803

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