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Fandoms Nerd Bar Philosophy

We have a philosophy here at Fandoms Nerd Bar. And that’s “Nerdy Rules!”

Note that it’s not exactly “Nerds Rule” so as not to put any group over another – but we think nerdy things rule and we enjoy all kinds of nerdy stuff.

We have some other core philosophies too:

  • The customers who come to our bar are the reason we are here.
  • We want everyone to be excited about nerdy stuff.
  • Maybe one day everyone can be a nerd too!

We’re excited to be working on one of the coolest nerd bars to have ever existed. We are totally excited and ready to welcome you to have a cold beer at Fandoms Nerd Bar, and we think the nerds of the Quad Cities are ready to join us too!

We’ve been busy planning our menu, including cool nerdy themed drinks.

There will be video games like Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Party of course!

Ain’t no party like a Mario Party cause a Mario Party Don’t Stop. haha.

See you here soon!

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Our Hours
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1460 W 3rd St, Davenport, Iowa 52803

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